Top Open Niches for Marketing

Once a month, we zone in on a specific marketing niche, an area that we are noticing via Google trends, competitiveness, etc. that is worth pursuing with internet marketing for lucrative revenue opportunities.

This month, we’re zoning in on the quit smoking niche. We recently worked with a client to launch — Fresh Vape is a fantastic group of entrepreneurs based in Naples, Florida. They have supply sources that put them in a position to offer one of the greatest opportunities for vaporizer and e-cigarette retailers in the United States — a solid, domestic supply chain for wholesale vape equipment and juices. They are now selling direct to consumer and targetting people who would like to quit smoking and start vaping.

Quit Smoking With My Fresh Vape was the marketing slogan that was developed for the campaign, and thus the domain and website to match.

The reason this particular quit smoking with vaping is hot and up and coming as a big marketing opportunity is based on the fact that vaporizers provide a healthy alternative to smoking, which many people want to give up and quit. Smoking has been known to be unhealthy and cause so many different health disorders and death for many years. Now there is finally an alternative that makes it simple to quit smoking.

If you look at Google Trends and look at terms like “quit smoking”, “vaporizers”, “vape”, etc. you’ll see an upward ladder climbing to the top right of the chart. It’s an amazing opportunity to launch niche businesses in this arena.



Best Charlotte Based Internet Marketer


Charlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful North Carolina city in the western side of the state. Its a beautiful place for business, and home to many startups including internet based business, local retail as well as arts, crafts, and innovative creators.

Many of these energetic and savvy business owners turn to one of the top Internet Marketing firms in the area for pure results when it comes to traffic and lead generation.  Charlotte SEO Results do exactly what their name says. They deliver top results in any niche they take on with SEO services.

Search engines can be tough to navigate and it takes quality professionals that understand Google and the algorithm behind the engine. Its important to stay one step ahead of where they are at, so that the right strategies are being executed from the start.

You can find out more about Charlotte SEO Results and their services at – I guarantee you will not be disappointed by their ability to deliver – ask about their recent Page 1 ranking results for their clients

Top Internet Marketing Service Company Award

The top Internet Marketing Company Award goes to Asheville Web Design Company from Asheville, NC.

Asheville Web Design Company has stood out in 2012 as a true innovator in the space of Internet Marketing with the creation of their Small Business Flight Formula.

There are very few companies that can take on all aspects of Internet Marketing comprehensively and wholly with the bottom line results of the small business clients they take on in mind. Not only do they specialize in minimalistic, compelling and clarity in copywriting and design, but they work with all aspects of traffic strategies and business growth.

They are a coaching, instructional and full service organization that operates as an invaluable partner for any small business, in any stage of their process.

Congratulations Asheville Web Design Company on this award that you worked so hard for and deserve!